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lifestory of Joep

Joep is born on february 9. 2010
On december 4. 2010 he came to live with us
at the age of almost 10 months

Joep had to go to the dogtraining and he hated it.
He just wanted to play with other dogs.
Joep has now his certificate Obedience from the Dutch Kennelclub Cynophilia and from the dogtraining obedience Advances III 

Joep likes to play with everything, a ball, an empty bottle, ..... he always find something to play with.

Joep has two braintrainers to keep his mind aktive.
He has to open series and lift knobs to get to his snack

Joep goes everywhere with us.
De walkings with the schipperkesclub, family, hotels,
de zoo, train and boat.
Joep learned a lot of this and that's why he is now a very socialized dog.

Joep was like a rough diamond, but after some polishing, now he is a very social dog.
Always playing, happy, adorable and very smart.
We know that we can be grateful with a dog like Joep
because Joep fits to us. 

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