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Schipperkes Champion Clubmatch

June 2014 Moergestel (netherlands)

Championclass 1 Excellent

International Dogshow
February 7. 2014
Eindhoven (netherlands)
Judge: S. Dubach (netherlands)
1Excellent, CAC, CACIB, Best of Breed
and Dutch Champion

International Dogshow 
December 22. 2013
Wijchen (netherlands)
Judge: G. Pedersen (Norway)
1Excellent, CAC, CACIB

International Dogshow Bleiswijk
November 2 2013
Bleiswijk (Netherlands)
Judge: C. Rutten (NL)
1Excellent, CAC, CACIB, Best of Breed



International Dogshow 
June 9 2013
Lommel (Belgium)
Judge: D. Carsten (Denmark)
 1 Excellent: CAC, Best of Breed


July 7th. 2013
International Dogshow Echt (NL)
Judge: Carl Gunnar Staberg (Sweden)
1. Excellent. RCAC/RCACIB

 Championsclubmatch Schipperkesclub Nederland
december 8. 2012
Uden  (Netherlands)
Judge: Evert Wieldraaijer (Netherlands)
 2. Excellent RCAC

Championsclubmatch Vrienden van het Schipperke
June 2013
Moergestel (Netherlands)
Judge: Pauline Stern-Hanf (NL)
 5 Excellent 

Rasspeciale Royal Schipperkes Club 
June 30 2013
Beringen (Belgium)
Judge: Salvatore Giannone (France) males
and Jan de Gids (Netherlands) females

Schipperkes clubmatch Aubigney (France)

August 2012

Judge: Michel Griol


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